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We are Sports Lovers and we like to share about sports highlights of soccers, basketball, hockey, etc. Casino Betting Sports  was  started in 2016 for advertising network and PBN who want a competitive advantage in the marketing process.We combine our status as an iCANDO Approved advertising network with more than 100 online casino sites to deliver a highly-personalized experience that helps website owner and providers better exposure and marketing strategy.

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Casino Betting Sports provides advertisers the unique ability to reach viewers and potential customers on a single market, multiple market, and regional basis.

Question: How does your business model work?

Some of the world’s top digital media talents create engaging sports content that they put onto our network, which generates advertising and sponsorship revenue.

We also bring a growing number of major brands to the table that create sponsored videos with our creative partners to help connect their brands with our fans. We will be rolling out other revenue pipelines this year.

Question: What is your Sports’ mission?

We aim to recapture what is best about sports. So much about traditional sports content is about who dropped the ball, made the save, got fired, or didn’t make the team. But sport is this amazing vehicle to focus on wins. So we aim to help get people up and moving and get them to reconnect with the benefits of being active.

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